Werk It! | Nicholas feat. Stee Downes – ‘Things Of The Past (NYC Club mix)’

artworks-000041088506-9pbiy3-cropWhen I think of the NYC underground house scene and those good old fashion house classics, I immediately think of Nicholas’ new release “Things Of The Past (NYC Club Mix)” featuring Stee Downes.

Yes, honey…WERK IT! Omg, this mix is pure fire. I just want to start voguing, sashaying across the room, and throwing some fierce shade.

Yes boo boo, this track is one for the voguers! I mean, even if you don’t vogue, you can still house to it; but a fierce Ninja style vogue is more appropriate. 🙂

From the moment the intro comes in, I’m already jumping out of my seat. This is a MASSIVE NYC CLUB MIX!!!!! If you hear this track and aren’t jamming to it, then clearly something must be wrong with you. :p

P.S. Nicholas is from Italy.

Full EP

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