Urban Art | Glasgow Artist, Smug, Debuts New Mural

Don’t you just love urban art? There is just something so alluring about vivid artwork being showcased in gritty urban environments. Whether it’s an old decaying building or a lonely wall with years of elemental decay, it’s amazing to see street artists make their claim and creating mind-blowing dope murals.

Glasgow-based street artist, Smugrecently unveiled his dope new mural in the Portuguese city of Porto. The mural, in collaboration with Mr. Dheo and Sofles, is an excellent execution of color, complex subject matters, and the perfect usage of space.

All I can say is wow, what a dope mural. Check it out below, as well as a few of his previous murals. As you can tell, Smug is really good at capturing unique faces. He doesn’t just draw a blank face, he captures a full expression…typically a smug! 🙂



Previous Murals That Are Insanely Dope

526229_306358579452157_1439820871_n 406458_208372792584070_716020433_n 426771_343635282391153_794223441_n 542770_412542685500412_1161388833_n

geek-street-art-graffiti-return-to-fleet-smug-10 geek-street-art-graffiti-return-to-fleet-smug-2 geek-street-art-graffiti-return-to-fleet-smug-13 602925_408435245911156_1121225061_n

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