Strictly House | VA – Talking House Vol.1 (LTH001D) 2013


Stockholm-based record label Local Talk recently released a bangin’ new EP that is strictly for the house headz. If you like house, wait no, If you love house, then you need to check out Talking House Vol.1.

The EP has a great selection of tracks that were selected by Mad Mats + Tooli. Now if this is your first time getting down with house, then you need to listen to Fubert’s track, “First Time House.” It has a pure house vibe that is reminiscent of the classics.

For those of you who like your bass hard, raw, and hard (emphasis on hard,) then you’ll like DJ Steaw’s track “Sky Hunt.

The EP has a lot of great tracks, so you owe it to yourself to give them all a listen. But if you’re feeling moody, then jam out to the sounds of Dirtytwos “Moody (Original Mix.)”

My favorites: “Moody,” “Heart Attack,””MAW Basics (Gerd’s NY Stomp Mix)”

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