Big Chop to Now

Afros x Curls | My Second Time-Around Going “Natural”

In 2009 I made the decision to go natural, but due to my impatient personality and moments of “identity crisis,” I decided to rekindle my addiction to the creamy crack — the relaxer (perm.)

I regularly relaxed my hair up until July 2012, but one day before taking a trip to NYC, I decided it was time to cut my hair off. I just got tired of all the work it took to keep it straight, and I briefly “dated” this guy who always made me feel bad because I didn’t go and get my hair “done.” Over and over again, he always reminded me that I’d look good if I got a weave or my hair cut into a fancy style (which would of course wash out the moment I worked out.) Well, he’d look better if he lost 75lbs…but I didn’t make him feel bad about it, but he just wouldn’t shut up about my hair. SMH.

Big Chop to Now
Big Chop to Now

So, fueled by my irritation of his constant rants on what makes a Black woman beautiful (weaves and long hair, in his opinion,) I made the decision to no longer feel like I had to wear my hair that way.

I cut it. I had my mom just chop it all off. I told her it was the last time I’d ever have to force those scissors into her hands and beg her (even though she was willing) to help me make the transformation.

I made my first big chop in 2009, so July 2012 was the last time I’d have to say “I’m Going Natural.” Since then, I’ve been “natural.” I put it into quotation marks because I’m not 100% natural, considering the purple/red tint to my hair. But as far as the texture of my hair; as natural as it gets.

Even now and then I’ll rock a fro on my Black Power days. I get into an Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) mood and just love having a 70s vibe. I even had a guy tell me, “You’ve got a 1970s beauty.” Wow, such a cool compliment! He then preceded to tell me that I reminded him of a Black Hippie…yet another compliment I gladly welcomed. 🙂 I love having different looks that I play around with. And the beauty of it is that I’m just doing me. I’m not even sitting their knocking girls who wear weaves, wigs, or their hair straight. Werk it and be fabulous! It’s just not for me…and you know, that’s okay.


I’m always on the hunt for new styles as my hair grows. Rock the fro, don’t rock the fro. It changes. Other days you’ll find me playing with my curls. Ihave a lot of shrinkage, so my strands are tightly coiled together, resulting in moments of pulling curls and smiling with excitement as they spring back into their place. I was never able to do that with my straight hair! Twirling my strands where fun, but pulling them and feeling the bounce is even better. 🙂

As my hair continues to grow, I play around with new products and of course, constantly feeding my natural hair inspiration database. Product wise, I keep my routine simple with Leave-in Conditioner (Motions) and a Gel (using IC Fantasia right now, but want to switch to Eco Styler). 

In need of some natural hair inspiration? Check out my favorite site to visit inspiration:

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