The Harlem Shake: Don’t Fight The Craze, Embrace It [Videos] x [Original Video]

Harlem-ShakeThe Harlem Shake craze is getting strong…very strong. It might just be as popular as the “Shit Girls Say” video craze last year. Remember, everyone and their mama was making videos of “Shit [Insert Group of People] Say.” Well, with that phase dead (for now), the next big thing is getting a group of folks together and recreating the original Harlem Shake viral video.

Now, if you haven’t seen the video, then you truly must be anti-web culture or perhaps living under a rock. About a week ago, this guy on YouTube got together with his friends and made a viral video to Baauer’s hit song, “Harlem Shake.” Basically, he has a mask on and is dancing, while his buddies are calm and slightly bouncing. Then when the beat drops they all wild out and just dance like maniacs. It’s pretty awesome.

Yes, the original is awesome…but the viral videos of this internet meme are quite impressive! Everyone is gathering their friends and doing The Harlem Shake. Heck, I need to get my buddies together and film one just because!

Check out some of the videos below. T-Pain even put together a video. The Best Week Ever did one and even Skryim does the Harlem ShakeI’m telling y’all, this trend isn’t going to die anytime soon. I give it a lifespan of a month, maybe 2 months…or longer!

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