Warby Parker | Dressing to Beat the Band

Dressing to Beat the Band

Written By: Kaki Read – Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

For many people, dressing up is a chore that they are simply do not enjoy. It can be frustrating to spend hours trying to dress for an occasion simply to find that you have missed the mark. If you want to make sure that the outfits that you choose are perfect for your needs, the key is always to dress to suit the occasion itself. Make sure that your clothes help you create the look that you need. You do not need clothes that are going to fight with your appearance; instead, create outfits that suit your requirements.

Thatcher Revolver Black
Thatcher Revolver Black

Meeting Day

SONY DSCWhen you are going to a meeting, you’ll find that even if you are not presenting yourself, you need to make a good impression on the people who are going to be there.

A sloppy or untidy look is not going to do you any favors when you are meeting with the company’s movers and shakers, so keep it as tailored and as streamlined as you can.

For example, very slim-fitting black slacks with very tall heels is one way to go. Skip the boxy blazer, and instead consider a vividly colored blouse with a mandarin collar.

For something a little different, add a pair of thick-framed eyeglasses and perhaps one or two metallic pieces of jewelry.


 Study Session

If you are someone who is going back to school to continue your education, which means that you’ll be spending a lot of time at the library. When you head to the library, you want to dress for comfort, but you of course do not want to leave comfort behind! With that in mind, consider pairing a fairly short skirt with thick tights and a pair of low-heeled shoes or flats.

Winston Walnut Tortoise
Winston Walnut Tortoise

Another thing for you to remember is that libraries are very climate controlled, so dress in layers. A soft camisole or t-shirt can be dressed up with a shrug or with a long sweater coat that will keep you warm even when you are in the frostiest of archives. When you think about dressing for the library, consider keeping your colors very warm. There is something lovely and antique about many older collections, and a warm look, complete with tortoiseshell-framed glasses, offers you a fantastic way to express your studious side.


Too many people believe that they have nothing to wear. The truth is that your closet is likely jam packed with fantastic outfits. Just pull out your essentials and add accessories.

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