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Poetry | I Need…. [A Poem About Online Dating]

Just for sheer boredom, yes, I do have an Okcupid account. Do I use it? Yeah. Do I take anyone I meet on their serious? Not really, but that doesn’t mean I’m against using it to mingle and have a range of bad to amazing conversations (you  never really know what to expect).

So, in sort of a freestyle type rant. I used to do spoken word, so the delivery of this sounds much better when I’m speaking it. But you get the gist.  I decided to write a poem that captured the vibe of online dating and the   entire atmosphere surrounding Catfish: The Tv Show.

I Need….

Browse. Click. Select.
ingredients for faux pas romance.

Riddle lies of curiosity transmorph into daggers to the heart.
initial message packed with the promise of
“what if”

What if you’re the one I spend my life…an hour…or a night with?
What if you’re existence is abstract,
a living Picasso, distorted truths….
What if you’re a game of shadows waiting to capture me?

Uncertain, unknown,
Yet I need….
your attention,
your lies,
your airbrushed six-pack,
your devilish yet slightly charming grin,
your “i’m different” two chains speech,
your now-show “magic tricks”

I need it….or do I really?


I’ve got a message. Lemme check it.

Oh, he’s an international model from Australia
by way of Idaho.
6’4” with the body of adonis.
Translation: he’s 5’6” with “more to love.”
Enjoys taking bathroom photo shots,
far from international.

LIE. Make it big, make a statement.
Attention is what you want…
we all want.
So let me be your lil’ lie…for now. 😉

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