Drown Your Fears: An Innovative Commercial for Herbaria Calming Tea

Herbaria_1What are you afraid of? Perhaps you’re like the little kid in Monsters Inc. who is terrified of the monster lurking in the closet. Or maybe your fear is walking at night by yourself, or being too close to the edge of a cliff.

Fears vary, but one thing that remains the same is the desire to ease the fear. You don’t want to linger in fear too long, because then it warps into panic. So calm your nerves, and try some Herbaria Calming Tea to get rid of those pesky fears, and those unwanted nightmares.

Well, I’m not sure how “calming” the tea is, but the innovative new commercial sure did sell me on the idea of “drowning your fears.” No, literally drown your fears. Serial killer or clown, watch it drown.

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