bike_to_the_future_t (1)

Sugarboy Shows Us How to ‘Bike To The Future’ Delorean BMX Style

bike_to_the_future_t (1)You don’t need a car to whip it Back To The Future style, all you really need is a Delorean BMX bike. Yup, a bike that takes place of the Delorean time machine.

Now I’m not sure how’d you go about this, but apparently Sugarboy knows how it’s done. So let Sugarboy tell you a little ol’ story on how to “Bike To The Future.”

Now after watching this video, I think I should have everything I need to hook up my bike and take a ride to the future. But I’d hate to get stuck there. Oh, and I’d need to get a red vest and a shirt, apparently that’s the style requirement.

Awesomeness guaranteed. 🙂

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