Bite It by Jasmine McGee1

Poetry | ‘Fix’ by sMOkinWOrd

Bite It by Jasmine McGee1
Bite It by Jasmine McGee

Good evening everyone! Ready for some poetry?!

I’d love to share with you a poem by my good friend, sMOkinWOrd. He’s a dope writer and producer, and he’s one of my favorite people to discuss music with. His unique flair for production and the art of sound is evident in his writing. His poetry is one of kind, not your typical rhyme.

His latest spur of creativity is a poem about lips. The sensuality of a kiss, the enigmatic addiction of a woman’s alluring lips. He was inspired by a piece of artwork I did the other day. I’m in a lip phase lately, so I’m doing a lot of artwork with bold lips being the focus.

I uploaded the picture on my FB and he let the creativity run wild and wrote this dope piece. He calls it “Fix.”

she said “boy i think im addicted to your … lips, let me come see you so i can get a ..fix”
i said “miss, all this, aint free. you gotta pay the fee.”
she said” what’s it gonna cost me?”
i said “well just have to see, .. umm , a kiss your hips, the tip, at least”
she said “i can cover that!”
i said ” can you cover… me?”
she did, with ease, call it synergy, she was so into me, wasnt nuthin she wouldnt give to me.
She’d take my lips betweeen her teeth and say ” i cant resist them they look so sweet , sparkling like sugar when you speak, and when i see them i gotta eat. ” she’d knock me off my feet pin me down with no retreat, we start to mix together like concrete, but her fix for my lips will not complete…


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