Bonobo Announces New Album x Drops New Single – ‘Cirrus’ [Official Video x Free Download]

artworks-000039059040-szzrcm-originalIf it wasn’t for Pandora, I would have never had the chance to fall in love with the sounds of BonoboIt would have been sheer chance that I found his music on YouTube, but Pandora showed me the way and since hearing his music, I can say I’m a fan. Yet, it’s been three years since the release of his critically acclaimed album, Black Sands, so upon hearing the news of a new album, Bonobo fans are ecstatic!

Bonobo’s new album, The North Borders will be released April 1st, and if the musical genius of Bonobo is still the same as it was on Black Sands, then this new album will be mind-blowing!

To be honest, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that his new album will be a smashing success. I just listened to the new single, “Cirrus” and I’m already impressed. I love the organic sound infused with the electronic melodies that make Bonobo’s music such a surreal statement of innate expression. 

Watch the trippy official music video for “Cirrus” and grab your free download via soundcloud. Oh and if you haven’t listened to Black Sands, stream the entire album on Spotify. Enter the world of Bonobo. 🙂

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