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très chic | Fashion Illustration by Patrick Nagel

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Throughout the years my artist inspiration has constantly been re-shaped and re-defined, yet I always find myself drawn to the clean lines and vibrant hues of contemporary pop art. I’m inspired by the likes of Warhol and Lichenstein, but I also found a kindred spirit in between the striking stylized graphic lines of Patrick Nagel‘s 1980s vision of women.

If you’ve never heard of Patrick Nagel, then perhaps you’ve seen his work before. He was best known for his illustrations in Playboy and for Duran Duran. During the 80s, Nagel’s work re-defined and re-shaped fashion illustration. In his work, he presented women that were trendy, classy, and timeless. Nagel’s vision of a woman is daring, undeniably sexy, and fashionably flawless. The clean lines and the vibrant hues are the pops of color needed to add personality to each work.

To date, his works are still referred to for fashion inspiration and innovative design concepts. And on a personal level, I admire the trendy style of his works. Whenever I see a Nagel work, I’m instantly intrigued and persuaded to grab a pen and start working on illustrations. My only hope is that over time my work can become très chic, the same way that Nagel’s work has molded fashion illustration and fashion art.

I’m still finding my style as an artist, but I will say that it’s slowly becoming a fusion of Nagel, Warhol, and Liechtenstein. I’m drawn to bold lines, simple forms, yet striking complexity of shapes and color arrangement. And I’d like to bring more class to my work, so I think I’m going to start deriving some inspiration from the works of Nagel. Secretly, I’m a fashionista, but it’s often hidden behind my affinity for gaming, technology, and house music. 🙂










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