SNL | YOLO,Sopranos Diaries, Catfish: The Tv Show, & Much More!

adamlevineI’ll admit, last week I wasn’t feeling Saturday Night Live. The episode just wasn’t really that funny and I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence;comedy doesn’t seem to be her forte. But despite a let down last week, I’m glad to say this week’s episode of SNL was hilarious!!!

Adam Levine was the host this week and the musical guest was the amazing Kendrick Lamar. I’m a fan, especially of his track “Swimming Pools” and I was glad that he performed it. 🙂 Oh and he performed “Poetic Justice,” which basically samples my favorite Janet Jackson song, “Anytime Anyplace.”

From the cold opening to the digital short, YOLO, the entire episode was filled with huge LOL moments. But hands down, the Soprano Diaries and the YOLO Digital Short were the best! Kendrick Lamar even took some time out and spit some bars in the YOLO skit featuring Lonely Island and Adam Levine. The skit basically took Drake’s famous saying, You Only Live Once (YOLO) and turned it into a hilarious mashup of all the things that can kill you, so You Ought to Look Out. Trust me, it is pure comedy! 

The other skit that I found super funny was the Soprano Diaries. Man, I couldn’t stop laughing even if I tried. I watched it over and over again (thank God for DVR) and I just love how they put the Soprano characters into an 80s high school setting. Too funny for words!!!! So, yeah, you should go watch that clip now!

The episode contained a few other hilarious skits, and I personally thought Catfish: The TV Show skit was pretty funny. It does seem like somehow it ends up always being about Nev, the host, and the reactions are always so confusing prior to the commercial breaks. 

More Clips from the Show

Kendrick Lamar Performances

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