Awesomesauce | Robot Chicken – ‘PaRappa & 50 Cent’

50centandPaRappaRemember the classic Playstation game PaRappa the Rapper? Man, I used to love that game! It had such a quirky vibe and the soundtrack was dope, but aside from that I loved the way PaRappa delivered his rhymes. I’m telling y’all, he was a lyrical genius and apparently the folks over at Robot Chicken feel the same way.

In last week’s episode of Robot Chicken, they paired PaRappa up with rapper 50 Cent after an 8-Mile style battle. From one battle, PaRappa instantly becomes a hip-hop star with a music video and all! It’s quite hilarious!! He’s even got the scantly looking women and a table with bottle service. I had no idea PaRappa was such a baller! LOL


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