Classic Re-work | The Smiths – ‘This Charming Man (Luis Leon Bootleg)’

artworks-000035267147-i5hpui-cropIf you’re hip to English alternative bands, then perhaps you’ve heard of The Smiths. Hailing from England, The Smiths were an alternative band that didn’t receive much international success, but in England they were recognized as a “cult classic” band.

That’s all I really know about them, but I do know that their song “This Charming Man” deserves to be esteemed as a “classic.” The original song,”This Charming Man,” has a great alternative vibe, but for my house junkies out there, you’d really ought to check out the Luis Leon Bootleg. It came out in December and it’s yet another great track that was featured in The Magician’s Magic Tape 29. 

It’s one of those tracks you can either take or leave, and I choose to take it in. I know it’s a different vibe than the original, but I’m sure if you open up and let it happen, the song will grow on you. Like I said, totally different and slower than the original, but I personally love it!

Peep the track below, as well as the original “This Charming Man” by The Smiths.

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