Certified Awesome | Treasure Fingers – DJ Weekly Podcast [Free Download]

treasurefingersI love mixes. I used to create mixtapes for friends, and my first boyfriend was a big fan of music, so I made mixtapes for him. It was something sweet I enjoyed doing, but since then I haven’t really dated a guy that was into music as much as I am (ugh, need to find more artsy/musical guys.) But maybe I’ll meet a guy sooner or later who will spark my desire to start making mixes again. Come to think of it, either way, I do need to start making mixes just for the hell of it and I want to learn how to DJ too…

But I digress, sorry for that little departure! Just felt like sharing. 🙂 Anyways, on the topic of mixes, Treasure Fingers has released a new podcast/mix that is certified awesome. The Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer has dropped a DJ Weekly Podcast for DJ Mag and it’s an explosive mix with some great tracks; momentum from cut to cut.

Grab your free download and start jamming right away! Also, be sure to peep out some of my favorite tracks from the mix. 🙂


1. Mike Mago – Galactic (Broke One remix)
2. Duke Dumont – Need U (100) feat. A*M*E
3. Clubfeet – Heartbreak (Joyce Muniz Dub)
4. Noisses – G and T
5. Playmode – Ultrasonic
6. Magnifik – Feel The Groove (Benson Remix)
7. Claptone – Wrong
8. Pablo Calamari & DCUP – Boogie Down (Antoine Vice remix)
9. Squarehead – Elegante
10. Ben Mono – How It Is
11. Treasure Fingers & Codes – Blowin Up (Feat. Amy Douglas)
12. Taiki & Nulight – Culture Riddem
13. Boys Noize – Ich R U (D.I.M. Remix)
14. MK & Treasure Fingers – Untitled
15. Swit – Jackin (original + John Baptiste remix blend)
16. The Smiths – This Charming Man (Luis Leon bootleg)
17. Amtrac – How Can She

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