New Release | Zak Waters – ‘Runnin Around’ [Official Video]

I officially have a favorite track of the day, and the track I’m speaking of is an amazing spankin’ brand new release called “Runnin Around.” The track is by Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/musician Zak Waters and I must say that it is the perfect electronic anthem for the day. Everything about the single screams happiness, indie, love on the dancefloor, and just overall awesomeness!

Zak Waters, a talented musical triple-threat, is currently working on his debut LP, which will be ready for your ears in February. But until then you can get lost in his third single, “Runnin Around.” The track in it’s entirety was “written, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered by: Zak Waters and Jarrad Kritzstein.”

“Runnin Around” is Zak Waters 3rd single off his forthcoming LP and the official video for the track is beautiful! I love the creativity of the video and the concept of the different scenes taking place on the bed. It’s a great concept that the team, Jarrad Kritzstein, Zak Waters, Zak Cassar, Philip Bloom, and Matt Sokoler came up with, and it Jarrad Krtizstein did an excellent job directing. 🙂

Watch the official video for Zak Waters “Runnin Around” below and be sure to follow him on soundcloud. 

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