‘Hype Kills’ | Acid Reign Awkward feat. Express Fresh – Generation Fresh [Visual]

6874619_origDoes the name Gajah ring a bell? Well I’d hope so! He’s one of my favorite LA-based emcees that has an innovative, poetic, and overall fresh approach to “hip-hop.” I’ve blogged about him quite a bit in the past, and today I’m proud to share with you some new music called “Generation Fresh.”

“Generation Fresh” is a track off Acid Reign’s (Gajah’s apart of the group) new EP, Hype Kills. Released on Acid Lab RecordsHype Kills is a free EP that fuses the creativity of Acid Reign with the vision of Awkward, a producer from the UK. According to ALR, “This EP features Special Guest appearances by Upword, Express Fresh, Myk Mansun and Lyricon. Also includes a special remix by Brooklyn based producer/record man Willie Green.”

Be sure to get your hands on the EP, but you should really do yourself a creative favor and watch the dope video for Acid Reign’s “Generation Fresh.” The video was filmed at this guy’s house who has collected 40 years of awesomeness. I mean from classic toys to random signs and memorabilia, this guy has everything! You’d have to pause the video so many times just to let your eyes take in the awesomeness that his collection exudes. don’t stop the video, because you’ll miss out on Acid Reign’s dope lyrics.

Trust me, this song is legit! 🙂 DOWNLOAD IT HERE

More Acid Reign x Gajah

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