Culture x Lifestyle x Music | Bakery Boys – Prologue #002 ‘Light Work’ [Music Video]

424385_420706504671875_1283131796_nYou might recall in Fall 2012 I spent quite a bit of time sharing with you music from the UK, especially by The Thirst and my new favorite musical collective, Bakery Boys. Hailing from London, the Bakery Boys know how to seamlessly create music that reflects culture and lifestyle. Back in Fall 2012 they teamed up with Recognise The Movement (RTM) to share their visuals with the world, and now they have followed up with Prologue #002 – “Light Work.”

To truly get a sense of the Bakery Boys, you should watch RTM’s creative video called “Prologue #001.” Whether you watch it now or later, you still should totally watch it, as well as the new video called “Light Work.”

“In this second installment of Prologue #002 ‘Light Work’, Bakery Boys present their latest exclusive track, teaming up with Recognise The Movement to create tailored visuals contrasted against animations by Jack Brown.”

“Light Work” is a free download alongside a deluxe digital booklet: bakeryboys.co.uk/freedownload.

Bakery Boys (Dirty Dre, Shack & Ace Boogie), a fashion, art, and music collective from South London, have got the swag, the lyrics, and the creativity that makes for good music. I fell in love with their music from day one and I actually hope to one day see one of their shows live in the UK. But y’all know I love supporting good music, so I had to show some US love to the Bakery Boys and Recognise The Movement. Big props to all of you, keep the creativity alive! 🙂

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