Vogue 101 | Javier Ninja Discusses “What Is Vogue?” [Video]

7xx9379If there is one thing I wish I knew how to do, that thing would be vogueing. Man, I so wish I knew how to vogue! I mean, I think I could learn, but I’m always so in the moment and then I’m like “oh shoot, I should have watched YouTube and learned some basic vogue moves.” Well maybe this year, I will learn how to vogue. But there is so much to learn, but luckily Javier Ninja shows us how it’s done.

From the legendary House of Ninja, which is iconically associated with the legend Willi Ninjathe fabulous Javier Ninja is known for his insane vogueing skills. Simply type his name in YouTube and you’ll be amazed by what you see; perhaps fits of jealousy will settle in. Argh, I want to vogue! But in order to truly learn how to vogue, you have to understand what vogue is.

There is an art form behind vogue and their are so many different styles (new, old, waacking, etc) and Javier Ninja took some time out at Waackfest 2011 to discuss all things vogue. It’s a great Vogue 101 for those who love vogue culture or those who want to learn more. Either way, watch it! Javier Ninja is fabulous! 🙂

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