Pure Magic | The Magician – ‘Magic Tape 29’

8404244007_536127932eStart your day off with a heavy dosage of pure magic courtesy of the one and only, The Magician. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, The Magician has released his first mix of 2013, Magic Tape 29. ‘

The Magician never disappoints and his Magic Tape series has become one of my favorite mix series within the past few months. I love the vibrant consistency and flair that each of his mixes contains, and he just knows how to select the right tracks  (which are often hard to ID since he likes to be enigmatic and not provide a tracklist) to keep the momentum going. This mix, as usual, has a dream like vibe that is truly reminiscent of, well…pure magic!

Enjoy the mix and be sure to download it. As usual, it’s a free download. 🙂 As far as the tracklisting, read the comments on the mix to get the track IDs.

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