10 Places Where Poetry Hides in My Life

hidden_animalsPoetry is everywhere in our lives, we just have to slow it down and find the poetic beauty of each moment. There are 10 Places that come to mind in which poetry hides in my life. How about you? Where does poetry hide in your life? Feel free to comment and share your poetic discoveries. 🙂

  1. The crackling sound of wood popping in the old fireplace.
  2. Sounds of fingers pushing on the keys, as my mom and I sit next to each other on our laptops while watching HGTV.
  3. Between the cold, crystal ice, dropped in a tall glass of summer brewed ice tea.
  4. Clutching the video game controller.
  5. Between the layers of a ham off-the-bone and a swiss cheese sandwich.
  6. The churning sound of the treadmill motor.
  7. The vibrant laughter ringing throughout the house.
  8. Between the drops of rain, falling from the beautiful Maryland trees that seemingly could touch the sky.
  9. Perusing YouTube and finding unique videos to place on my expression corner, my blog.
  10. Getting lost in the atmospheric sounds of intoxicating house music. 

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