Yet Another Poem | Ruby.Red.Crush

8186836624_38222b51f2_oNow that I’m done with school, I’m really finding a handful of poems and work that I would love to share with y’all, my beloved readers. 🙂 Most of these poems are assignments from Poetry Writing x Creative Writing courses, so I had to push my creativity and incorporate the guidelines. In this poem, I had to give a set of “directions” and include specific items, such as animals, a season,  a flower, color, etc.


Everyday you stare at her ruby red hair,
Admiring the sunshine dancing on each strand.
You love the way she puckers her lips when
She doesn’t know the answer to a question.
If you knew the answer you’d gladly oblige,
but you could care less about
Introduction to Oceanography.

Ms. Jones asks you if dolphins are mammals or fish,
But you stare at her with a blank grin.
As the words cascade out of her mouth
You begin counting the freckles on Autumn’s face.

How do you ask a beauty queen for
a second, a minute,
or even an hour of her gracious time?

As your designated best friend,
I promise to help you win her heart.
Next time you enter the classroom,
kindly ask if the seat next to her is taken.
Begin with small talk and ask her questions,
it’s all about her, not you…

Asking someone out is never easy.
Once you’ve got the courage,
ask her out on a casual date.
Be a smooth criminal, never a smooth player.
Always be fearless and calm under pressure.

Winning her heart will require more
than a bouquet of roses.
From what I heard, she’s in love with daisies.
Don’t give her tulips…she hates them.

President of the theatre club,
she’s in love with medieval fashion.
Take her to the Renaissance Fair,
and whatever you do, don’t take her to Medieval Times.
Too expensive…slightly overrated.
Plus, you won’t be able to win her a prize.

Buy her a goldfish to remember the day.
If that doesn’t work, then win her a stuffed rabbit.
Girls love cute adorable things…trust me, they do.
Even if you never get another chance,
she’s remember you…the guy who won her a prize.
And maybe one day, you’ll win her heart too.

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