King King: Where House Music Lives in Hollywood [Upcoming Events]

King King Hollywood
King King Hollywood – Interior

This past weekend (including a night out on Thursday) has been great! I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with my brother and going to The Federal in Noho. Thursday was Snapback Thursdays and they played so many old school classics and a lot dancers came out. And last night was a Dance Event that featured great beat street style circles and a dance contest which my brother’s homeboy won.

It has been nice hanging out in Noho, but when I’m in the mood for some house music, I know that King King is the place to be.

DeepKing King is a venue in the heart of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd and it’s the spot to be to hear great house. Unlike some of the other clubs in Hollywood that have dress codes and a strict policy of fitting the “look” to get in, King King is a home for house junkies, dancers, hipsters, and the average anybody who just wants to hear good music.

There is always something going on at King King that will suit your musical needs, but if you’re into that deep, soulful, and classic house, then you’d ought to check out DEEP -LA. Hosted by DJ Marques Wyatt, DEEP is a monthly event in Los Angeles (there is a monthly DEEP event in San Francisco) that is bound to change your life.

While most clubs in the Los Angeles area shut down the party at 2am, DEEP-LA goes until 4am in the morning. So if you happen to take the metro into Hollywood, you can easily dance until 4am and take the train back home once the lines start running again around 4:30am; it’s totally worth it. 🙂

For those of you who live in Los Angeles and have a craving for some house, then you really should check out DEEP @King King. This Saturday  in celebration of Martin Luther King weekend, Marques Wyatt will be spinning along with the legendary Ron Trent.  From 10PM-4AM, come join me and other house lovers for a night of amazing classics, deep, and soulful cuts that will lift your mind, body, and soul.

I’d love to see my fellow LA-based house lovers getting down on the floor with me Saturday January 19th, 2013, but for some reason if you can’t make it out, then be sure to check out King Britt spinning at King King the following weekend along side the legends Tony Powell and Jerry Flores. Philly’s legendary house King BrittDJ, King Britt, is bound to be playing some epic cuts, so I plan on attending that event as well. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Like I said, King King is where house music lives in Los Angeles. So I think I’ve officially found my new home for house… 🙂

For ticket prices and more information on these upcoming events, visit the official King King website @

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