Hidden Treasure | Justin Martin Returns to His Roots with a Jungle Mix [FREE Download]

justin-martinIf you’ve never heard of Justin Martin, then slap yo self! Haha, perhaps that is too extreme. But seriously, it’s quite hard to be unaware of international DJ and producer Justin Martin, especially considering the success of his track “Don’t Go” being featured in countless DJ sets x podcasts. But before we got off thinking that Justin Martin is can only produce amazing house cuts, we should let it be known that his roots began in producing x mixing DNB & Jungle.JMjungle

In the past I’ve expressed my love for DNB & Jungle, and I must say that I’m glad Justin Martin decided to go back to his roots and put together an insanely good Jungle mix. Now this mix was uploaded to his soundcloud last month, but it’s hidden treasure that I’m now stumbling upon courtesy of Gotta Dance Dirty.

Along with the upload via soundcloud, Justin Martin included this statement:

“the last time i recorded a drum & bass set it was on a cassette tape over 10 years ago. in 2012 i was finally able to return to my original love, dive into my old vinyl, and play some jungle: b2b with eats everything at bestival, b2b with totally enormous extinct dinosaurs at secret garden party, and as a guest of bachelors of science at their monthly at monarch in sf. for those of you who were not able to catch one of these rare pilgrimages back to my roots, i have recorded a special set just for you featuring a handful of my all time favorite records. happy new year and i hope you enjoy!”

I especially love when producers and DJs give us insight on why they do what they do. It just makes me love the music even more and have a connection with each track and transition; mixes aren’t just an easy process of throwing tracks together, it has to be methodical.

Peep the mix below and be sure to download a free copy via Justin Martin’s soundcloud profile. 

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