♥ | Moloko – ‘The Time Is Now’ (Bambino Casino Remix)

moloko1Many many years ago I fell in love with the beautiful sultry vocals of Roisin Murphy, the lead singer of Moloko, an Anglo-Irish electronic/trip-hop from the UK.

Sadly, Moloko is no longer together, but that hasn’t stopped Murphy from pumping out amazing tracks. But despite the group’s break-up, I still love listening to the classic Moloko tracks, including “The Time Is Now.”

The original “The Time is Now” is such an uplifting and soulful infused track. But if you want something a little sexier and slow, then I’d recommend checking out the Bambino Casino Remix. 

The Bambino Casino Remix of the track slows down the BPM and delivers a sexy track that you can lounge out to.I myself was laying down with headphones on and just daydreaming about…well a bunch of stuff. 😉

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