DANCE | Jamile McGee – Solo Freestyle [House x Freestyle]

Many of you might know me as ThinkSoul25, but my full name is Jasmine McGee. And if the last name BeFunky_10861_182166719479_516549479_2881425_333032_nMcGee sounds familiar, then perhaps you’ve heard of the name Jamile McGee. Maybe you saw the first season of Fox’s hit tv show “So You Think You Can Dance?” and you recall that Jamile “Jamz” McGee won 3rd place. Since then, he’s danced around the world, including teaching hip-hop in Japan this summer.

I moved to Los Angeles to stay with him and find my own path out here in Cali, but since moving here I’ve had the chance to spend so much time with him and actually help film him dancing. I went to San Diego last week and filmed him teaching a Master Class, but yesterday I had the chance to just film him dancing and getting down to house music; no choreography, just ultimate freestyle and soul.

This video below is just one of the many to come. Each week we will try to put up more videos and showcase different spots in Los Angeles in which Jamz will be freestyling and just getting down to the music. If you love what you’re seeing, then please do contact him for Master Classes, lessons, and choreography. Follow him on Twitter @jamilemcgee and contact him on FB @


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