2013: Reaching The Height of Creativity

I hope that everyone’s New Year is off to a great start! Mine for the most part has been sort of dull, considering that I was sick for the past two days and didn’t even go to work yesterday. But fret not, I’m feeling quite better now and being sick has given me the time to think of a bunch of ideas for 2013. Crazy how it works, being sick forces your brain to sit still and allow new thoughts to come alive.

2012 was a horrible year. I mean the only real good things that happened were graduating college, moving to Los Angeles, and getting a job my second week here. Aside from that, 2012 was filled with drama, financial stress, and some unwanted heartbreak that I don’t even dare speak of; the past is the past. 2013 has got to be a better year, and I’m hoping that it will be a year in which my creativity flourishes.

Right now, perhaps because my daily life consist of a chill 9 to 5, my brain is on fire with so many creative ideas. First off, going to Amoeba last Friday changed my life. If you live in Los Angeles, and you’re a music junkie, then you already know how awesome Amoeba is. The coolest record store I’ve ever stepped foot in and sadly I didn’t get enough time to enjoy it the way I wanted to (I was on a date…) As for the date, eh I think I wasted my time. Yet another guy who barely knows how to communicate and just falls out of touch. I need someone who can spark my creativity and serenade me with musical eargasms, so he doesn’t fit the bill. Oh well, single, 21, and living in Los Angeles. Sounds pretty good if I may so so myself.

Being single and in a new city has given me this drive to create, create, and create. I’m hungry to start doing some projects and I want this year to be jam packed with ideas. 2012 gave me the chance to fall deeper in love with house, but I also neglected my love for actually producing music, fashion, and film. So this year I want ThinkSoul25 to be not only an awesome blog with great readers as yourselves, but I want it to be a space where I can show my art, my videos, my music, and debut a clothing line. Yeah, I’ve got a lot of ideas in my mind.

Of course, I’m not going to share all of these ideas at once, but I just want to inspire my creative brothas and sistahs out there that 2013 should be the year you reach the height of creativity. And when you think you’ve reached that height, push yourself even further into organic innovation that speaks to the masses. The job of an artist is never done, even when the masterpieces line the musuems and runways of the world. We must keep creating until our soul bleeds for mercy. And even then, we must get a blood transfusion in the form of creative inspiration from likeminded individuals, and keep the creativity pumping.

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