Let’s Deep | A-Lister – ‘The Blueprint EP’ [Luvbug Recordings]

There is nothing I love more than some deep house goodness! I eat, drink, and sleep house, but I especially thrive off the pulsating sounds of that deep bass and soulful vocals. There are so many different styles of house, and when it comes to deep house you can make it deep or you can make it abysmal. Not everyone knows how to make it deep, but producer A Lister from Bradford, Britain knows how to get down to business and make it real deep x soulful.artworks-000034270290-uqfhdv-t500x500

At only 23 years old, A Lister has pumped out some great deep garage house tracks. Just by simply browsing his soundcloud you’ll find a lot of good stuff, but his best track is “Baby” and it’s off his latest Luvbug Recordings EP called, The Blueprint. 

If you’re wondering how I found out about the music of A Lister, well let me tell you that it’s all thanks to Defected Records (my favorite label.) Defected just released the NYE Pre-Party Mix which has some of the best tracks of the year, and within the compilation mixed by Lynda Phoenix, she included A Lister’s hit deep single, “Baby.”

Peep out “Baby” and other tracks from The Blueprint EP below.

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