0305-012 K47-D

Pop Art Poetry | Warhol’s Monroe

0305-012 K47-Dandy_warhol_marilyn_monroe11Inspired by Andy Warhol’s series of Monroe paintings, I wrote this poem in my Poetry Writing class. Since I graduated college, it’s fun going through all my writing and sharing it on this blog. 🙂 The assignment for this one was to select a famous painting and write about the painting, but not just the painting but the meaning as well. So I choose to combine the details of the paint and the symbolism that Monroe stood for. 

The painting I was inspired by is the one with the pink background and the pink eye shadow. I had to go through a couple of drafts before finally going with this poem. My first draft just talked about the detail of the painting and didn’t push the abstract envelope. So I took some time to sit down, put on some music, and I tried again. According to my professor I was successful and I got an A+! But of course, there is always room for improvement. 🙂

Warhol’s Monroe by Jasmine McGee

Saddened eyes of a classic beauty,
Sensationally alluring.

Effortless chic,
Timeless class.
Norma Jean Mortensen,
The All-American beauty.

More than a one-hit wonder,
A starlet envied by women,
Adored by men.

Iconic obsession.
Simple beauty,
Colorful palette.
Always duplicated,
Repetition defined.

The vibrant juxtapose of blonde
Against a daring hue of pink.
Violet lips awaiting the kiss of
a dangerous stranger.
Contrast on high,
colors defining the raw lines of
her wounded beauty.

A face among the stars.
The painting captures the silver screen
blurred by the darkness of her life.
Playful pink eye shadow
masks the sadness in her eyes.
Dark shadows slowly inching towards
the center of her face.


Pop culture’s epitome of extra-ordinary beauty,
media’s goddess of “real women have curves.”
Oozing sex appeal,
her bodacious curves the new “little black dress.”

Warhol’s obsession,
silk-screen duplication madness.
More than just a soup can,
but darkness silk-screened into hues of pink.
Timeless beauty that left too soon
but left behind pop culture’s road map for beauty.

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