The Glitch: An Awesome Short Film About Those Annoying Glitches Us Gamers Hate!

tl-horizontal_mainI’m sure my fellow gamers out there have their fair share of glitchmares (glitch nightmares) and this awesome viral video from Corridor Digital is all about glitches and how they can destroy the world of gaming as we know it! The video is a hilarious yet uber dramatic look at what happens when a game has glitches, and the video uses super cool special effects to replicate what glitches look like. Dude, it’s pretty awesome!

So you may wonder why I decided to post this. Well, along time ago I came to a conclusion about myself. I’m a geek. Yeah, I can be cool and fly, but when it comes to video games and anything related to having powers or technology, I get super geeky and excited! So whenever I’m playing a game and it has a glitch, I get extremely upset. I feel as though the world is going to end (wasn’t that supposed to happen Friday?) You thought a lag could make a gamer upset, well you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a glitch terrorize our dreams.

Perhaps I’m being dramatic. Not all glitches are nightmares, some are quite hilarious and ways to “cheat” in a game. But I will say that some glitches I’ve experience have caused me to go into a fit of rage. The worst? I’d say when I bought Fable II and was super excited to play it. Seriously, I had waited so long for it to come out and I went out and bought it day one. But then I got so far and it glitched. Not sure what happened but it froze at the same part each time and I couldn’t beat the game. 😦 Bummer! Luckily I was able to take it back and get something else, but I was so upset I couldn’t get to the end. I had gotten so close and then it just messed up! Uh, darn glitch!!!!!

As you can tell from the paragraph above, I’m passionate about gaming. So when a glitch happens, it affects me deeply, especially if it messes up the flow of my gaming. But if it’s a funny glitch or a way to “cheat” the game, then hey I’m not hating. Sometimes you need a funny glitch to make your day. :)And this video truly makes my day; it’s funny, innovative, and speaks to all the gamers out there who have experienced glitches.

Us gamers got some great perseverance  We reset the game and start over until we can get it right. We will play a level over and over again with the hopes of the glitch getting out the way way so we can reach our goal…conquering the game.

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