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Ramen Swag | How To Cook Noodles x Make It Look Epic [Awesomesauce]

Screen shot at 2012-12-20 8.28.48 PMAt some point in your life, you’ve eaten Ramen noodles. As a broke college student or struggling artist, which I’m all too familar with, Ramen noodles or any type of similar noodles is the cheap approach to food x surviving. But did you know that there are so many different ways to truly hook up a bowl of noodles?  I personally like to add an egg and curry in my noodles, but there is much more you can do. There are different ways, and this Korean commercial for Paldo noodles shows us how you can make cooking noodles look epic!

The commercial sort of reminds of the Dos Equis commercials in which the guy tries to be so cool and is the “most interesting man in the world.” Well in this noodle commercial, this Korean guy surely has Top Ramen Swag that could make him the most interesting man who makes umm…noodles. Haha it’s quite funny, especially with him showing up on a motorcycle. I’m telling y’all, making noodles can be an ultimate experience if you’ve got an HD camera, the right soundtrack, and a industrial looking warehouse that could easily be the scene for a cooking reality show. 🙂

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