The Perfect Dream Soundtrack | Goldroom’s Autunno Mix 2012 for Triple J [EPIC]

artworks-000036068219-4mpnyq-t500x500If I’m not listening to house, jazz, oldschool funk, or one of the hundreds of genres I find myself experimenting with, then you’ll find me chillin’ out to some dreamwave by Goldroom. If you want to escape the day and just clear your head, then take off your shoes, close your eyes, and enter the Goldroom; a land of bliss where dreams come true and drama ceases to exist. The ultimate state of perfection…Goldroom.

Goldroom sort of is like it’s own genre and variation of dreamwave, but it is also the name of Los Angeles based producer, Josh Legg aka Goldroom. Over the years he has cultivated the genre of dreamwave and crafted his own expression of music under the umbrella “Goldroom.” And each time he releases a mix on his soundcloud, we know it’s going to be awesome and yet again, his new mix is exactly that…awesome + epic.

The mix, Autunno Mix 2012 for Triple J, is a mix that Goldroom did for a radio station in Australia and now we have the pleasure of listening it. So let me shut up so you can hurry up and get comfy, because this mix is about to take you to a brand new level…a world where dreams come true…

Oh and don’t forget to check out his new track “Sweetness Alive” featuring SLL.

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