Deep House | Maya Jane Cole’s Deliciously Addicting New EP – ‘Easier to Hide’

bgAside from my obsession with Wonder Woman, the other woman I am obsessed with is Maya Jane Coles. Well perhaps obsessed seems like I’m some crazy fan, and that isn’t the case at all. But I will say that I truly do admire her fashion sense, her style of mixing, and her deep house production. She’s an amazing producer and DJ, and she truly brings some unique deep house to the scene. 574601_10151268167912158_1611760295_n

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about the lovely Maya Jane Coles, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted some of her music on my blog. Normally she has mixes on her soundcloud or new originals, but she recently delighted us all with her lovely new EP, Easier to Hide.

Easier to Hide is an intoxicatingly delicious and addicting selection of four tracks that weave a story. Each track features haunting vocals with lyrics that are simple yet powerful. The vocals on the track “Back to Square One” are quite perfect and set this tone, which gives you a sense of a deeper story behind the track and it makes me curious of what inspired Maya to write it.

The inspiration for this EP most have been quite a great story, because each track has a life of it’s own; yet they are still tied together and weave a story for the ears. My favorite? I’d have to say “Run With the Wild” and the album title track, “Easier To Hide.” Both of those tracks have an organic deep house sound and it’s hard to get tired of listening to both. Actually, I could listen to all four tracks on the EP over and over again. It’s just such a beautiful collection of sounds.

Miss Maya Jane Coles, you’ve done it yet again! Such an excellent EP. 🙂

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