Oh So Smooth… | Toro Y Moi – ‘So Many Details’ [Official Music Video]

I never really pictured Toro Y Moi as one smooth criminal, but in his new music video “So Many Details” he really is the epitome of smooth. Man, swag on swag, it’s just such a smooth video and the song itself is one legit masterpiece.

For the past year I have been falling in love with Toro Y Moi’s music and each track he releases has caught my attention. I just love the production quality that has a nu-wave vibe, but his vocals are so smooth and R&B. It’s a great combination and on his latest single, “So Many Details” he reminds me why I first fell in love with his music; that voice is so alluring like a nu-wave/chill wave dream…

Watch his new video and all the dramatic elements, especially with him trying to be so smooth like Billy Dee Williams. But hey, in a way it works! Yes, it’s funny, but the song is so good so I don’t mind if the video seems ultra silly and doesn’t fit his “personality.”

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