90s House Vibes | Duke Dumont – ‘Need U (100%)’ x Other Deep House Tracks

8271406649_232330b77d_zDue to the flakiness of how people can be out here in Los Angeles, sadly I didn’t get the chance to go house dancing last night. And right about now, I’m really missing the Deep Sugar family in Baltimore and just the entire house scene in DC and New York. But I digress, at least I can still enjoy house I find on the web and listen to every day.

So to make up for not being able to go house dancing last night, I’m going to be blogging an insane amount today; please bare with me.

Alright, so now that we have established that, let’s kick off things with some great music by Duke Dumont.  If you haven’t heard of Duke Dumont, then maybe “The Giver” will ring a bell. No, I’m not talking about the exceptional book by L.S. Lowry, but what I am talking about is an awesome deep house track by London based producer Duke Dumont. “The Giver” has been featured in quite a few podcasts and you might have heard the Tiga Remix as well.

Peep out the original track “The Giver” and the Tiga Remix. But if you want some fresh new music that has a 90s vibe, then you should really check out his new track called “Need U (100%)” and get lost in it. It’s got this ultra 90s sound and it feels like it could be a scene out of The Night at the Roxbury. Seriously, it’s ultra 90s house music and yet again Duke Dumont shows us why he is awesome!


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