Friday Shout Outs to Everyone I’ve Met so Far in Cali (Awesome People!)

I’ve officially been living in Los Angeles for four weeks and I have officially been at my new job (I’m a Marketing Coordinator/Social Media Specialist for a marketing company) for two weeks. Within these past four weeks I have met some amazing people and had the chance to see new things. I have yet to explore Los Angeles much since I’m carless for now, but even the bits I have seen have been awesome.

From hanging out with Wayne Brady at the W Hotel to spending every Friday at the Federal Bar in Noho with some awesome new friends, I’ve just been having such a great time. I thought I was going to hate LA and that all the people were fake, but I’m meeting some cool people from here and the East Coast (New York and Maryland) that are genuine, down to earth, and just trying to make life happen. It’s awesome!

So I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone. Of course a big shout out to my brother Jamile McGee and a shout out to the girls I’m hanging out with tonight. Oh and a shout out to LeAnn Hodge, an amazing upcoming singer that was great from the first day I met her at my new job. We work in different departments, but I hope to get to know her more and hear more of her music. She’s keeping it ultra 90s y’all, so get with it!!!

That’s all for now. So thank you so much for everyone I’m meeting and my lovely co-workers. You guys rock!!!

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