On Repeat | Michael Gray – ‘The Weekend’


Yes, yes, yes! Friday is here! Oh yea, it’s time to party it up! Well not exactly party it up, since I’m tight on money until I get my first check, so I won’t be going out to any house events. Sad, right? Well I’ll probably go out to a hip-hop club and just shake my butt and have a blast. The only thing that matters is the weekend is here, I turn in my last papers tomorrow, and I graduate college!

Life is super duper good right now ever since moving to Los Angeles and I’ve been only here three weeks! My first week at work was awesome and I really love my job. But let me tell you, working a full time job for the first time in my life really makes me cherish Michael Gray’s song “The Weekend.”

“The Weekend” has been my ringtone since partying it up in D.C. every Friday night and now that I live in L.A. and work full time, I truly can totally say this song is my official anthem. I live for the weekends!!!!! Every weekend I’m going to make it my goal, especially once I get a car, to do something new and exciting each weekend. I have only explored LA by bus, and that alone has mainly been in Van Nuys and North Hollywood. So I’m bound for an adventure, but right now all I can say is boy, “I Can’t wait for the weekend to begin!”

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