Acid Lab Records | Gajah – ‘Poverty’s Prodigy’ [remixed]

1399045084-1Gajah is an emcee that truly needs no introduction. All I’m saying is he is lyrically dope and I love his rhymes. I just want to spend a day exploring his mind! He always comes up with some amazing combinations and deeply profound knowledge on poverty, art, culture, and just life.

I’ve posted his music on my blog in the past, but if you haven’t checked out his latest free download Poverty’s Prodigy [remixed] then you need to cope it today. It’s some good music from the Acid Records emcee and I think you will love the combinations he comes up with. He’s a dope emcee. Extremely unique.

Download it here: http://acidlabrecords.bandcamp.com/album/povertys-prodigy-remixed

Check out more: https://thinksoul25.com/2012/06/07/insanely-dope-gajah-drops-new-music-video-little-too-much/

Follow him on Twitter @Gajahmatik

Peep out the new tracks below and some of his old ones as well. Trust me, it’s good stuff!

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