Lane 8 Releases an Awesome Freebie Just ‘For You’ [Download]

8243762787_f4e0232e04_zIt feels so weird posting this now, considering the fact I heard it when Lane 8 first released it on soundcloud this morning. But of course, I was at work, so I could only listen to as much music as I wanted to, but my job wasn’t working on my blog; my job is to work on social media campaigns and blogs for the company’s clients.

But I digress. So as the title of this post says, basically Lane 8 has released a new free download called “For You.” And yes, since it’s a free download it does feel like the track is just for you, well just for us…all of us.

The track, “For You,” is a nice free mellow house track from the San Francisco producer and the vocals are a great addition. I’ve grown to become a fan of Lane 8, especially after his amazing re-edit of the classic Fleetwood Mac song “Go Your Own Way.”

Be sure to check out that re-work and grab your free download of “For You.”

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