This is What Happens When Peter Griffin x Friends Rap to Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ [Video]

img_12106_man-raps-look-at-me-now-using-family-guy-voicesIt’s officially Friday. You know what that means? Let the weekend shenanigans begin! Yay yeah yay! Whether you decide to party it up or go on a nice rendezvous with your friends (or a daring lover), you should totally kick off your weekend with a great laugh.

Today’s laugh comes from this amazing viral video of this super cool guy rapping to Chris Brown’s song “Look At Me Now.” Oh, but it’s not just another wannabe rapper doing a Breezy cover. Nope, it’s way more original; he raps the entire song in Family Guy voices. That’s right, in all the voices from the popular characters from Family Guy. And you know what? His impersonations are dead on!

I’ll admit I can do a pretty good Mr. Herber, you know the old creepy guy…but I couldn’t do all of the voices jumping back and forth from one to the other. Yet, this guy does it flawlessly! His lyrics are witty and the animations on the video are also bound to ensue laughter. So if you’re in the mood for some good weekend comedy, then check out this video. Not only is it super cool, but as a Family Guy fan, I will say it is quite impressive!

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