Deep x Dark x Dubby House | Mixes from UK-based DJ Luke Anderson

Deep, dark, and dubby. Doesn’t sound like a genre of house you’ve hard, right? But we must always remember, that house is such an explosive genre with so many variants and fusions of music, so deep, dark, and dubby is basically the style of house that UK-based DJ Luke Anderson loves to play.

Anybody and everybody who knows me or reads this blog, truly knows that I love my house to be deep, soulful, and funky at times, but mainly deep; sexy tracks for the mind, body, and soul. So when Luke Anderson sent me his mixes with the tags “deep, dark, dubby house” I knew I was in for a nice selection of mixes that cater for us deep aficionados.

So, if you want some good feeling house that takes you to the dark dubby side, then you’ll want to peep these mixes by Luke Anderson. Some of the mixes feature tracks I’ve heard before (which is good), while some of the tracks I have never heard before, but I’m still digging them. Oh, and there is nothing worse than horrible transitions, but Anderson doesn’t appear to have that problem. His transitions are smooth; drift from house to house. 🙂

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