French Express | Isaac Tichauer – ‘I Forgive You’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Whenever possible I try not to be a label feign. I don’t allow myself to get caught up on being loyal to one record label and all their artists, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have labels that I favor over others. When it comes to original house with uniquely fresh sounds, I do have to commit myself to an obsession with French Express. What can I say? I just love that label a lot and all of their artists.

From Chris Malinchak to Perseus to Issac Tichauer, the label has a nice collection of artists. Malinchak, as of late, has been really dropping some nice deep original misses. Most of them are free downloads and they are really good, but if you want something a little less deep and more of a surrealistic exploration of house, then you might want to check out Issac Tichauer.

It’s been a while since Issac Tichauer has dropped any free downloads, but he recently released an awesome new freebie called “I Forgive You.” Now I know that I’m late on posting it, but hey at least I’m showing some mad love to the French Express family and posting it. 🙂

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