Check Out Julio Bashmore’s Weirdly-Awesome New Video for ‘Husk’

Whenever I see the name Julio Bashmore, I know I’m in for some good gritty house infused with electro beats. He’s got such a definitive sound with his music, and ever since hearing “Battle for Middle You” I’ve been actively following his soundcloud. 

Now I’ll admit, his new single “Husk” may be a little different from his old tracks (some may like it, some might not) but it is still worth checking out the weirdly-awesome music video. Oh trust me, when I say it’s weird, yeah it’s weird. Random Black guy lifting in slow motion, shots of this other girl looking all model-like, and an owl. But for some odd reason, I like it.

Peep the visuals below. “Husk” is a follow-up to Julio Bashmore bangin’ track “Au Seve” and it will be released on December 2nd. Have you heard “Au Seve” and all it’s glory? Well I hope you have, and if not, then listen to it below. 🙂

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