Gangsta House | Amine Edge & DANCE @ Exploited Label Party – Wilde Renate, Berlin x More Sets!

I just love the pulsating gritty bass of deep house infused with a raw edgy hip-hop vibe, except without out the commercialized lyrics and lame idioms. Harsh? Yeah, but y’all know I don’t really vibe with the hip-hop of today, unless it’s real original, has a classic vibe, or is grime. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like hip-hop and the atmosphere, but I prefer it infused with house. So basically, I love Gangsta House. 

I had never heard of G House until this summer in DC when I saw The Juan Maclean live and he played this amazing track by the French duo, Amine Edge & Dance. The song I heard was called “Going to Heaven with the Goodies Goodies” and it’s such a dope song that will put you on game with Gangsta House.

Since following in love with that sub-genre of house over the summer, I’ve been following Amine Edge & Dance, which are basically two guys from France; Amine Edge was strictly House, Dance was strictly hip-hop. So the two came together and became the gurus of Gangsta House in the French scene, and now they pump out dope mixes and original tracks. So badass!

Now I’ll admit I went crazy on the dancefloor when I heard “Going To Heaven with the Goodie Goodies,” but Amine Edge & Dance’s mix @ Exploited Label Party in Wilde Renate in Berlin has given me an eargasm! It’s so eargasmic, gangsta, sexy, raw, and deep…just how I like it. Oh, and it’s a free download, so I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it twice so far. Should I listen to it again? Hmmm, hell yeah! It’s worth multiple eargasms. 😉

And here is the other set that starts off with the track I loved from above.It’s got nasty lyrics, sex appeal, and a slow morphing bass. It’s good, real good.


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