♥ | Santé ft. Lorenzo Hall – Homegirl (Original Mix)[Defected] x Rampa Remix

I found it really hard to narrow myself down to a favorite song. There is simply too much to select from, and selecting that favorite can be a difficult tasks. Well for others it might not be, but for me and my passion for variety, it can be a daunting task! You see, my idea of a “favorite song” is usually a track that I keep in rotation for a few weeks, months, and sometimes it can even be just for a day. Today’s favorite song could easily change tomorrow. I’m a music junkie, and at that, a house junkie.

And today’s favorite, well actually the past few days, has been a variety of tracks from Defected; my favorite label. See, that wasn’t a hard choice. I been a hardcore Defected fan for years, so it’s a top favorite. And French Express is becoming my second favorite label.
Alright, now that we cleared that up, back to what I was saying. So yeah, my favorite track the past few days has been Santé ft. Lorenzo Hall – “Homegirl.” If you want a sexy track driven by the allure of taking someone home for the night, then this is the song you want. You want, you need, and you’ve got to have this song. It’s good, I mean real good.

On the rating of sex appeal, I give this track a sure-fire 10. It has officially been adding to my list of sexy house songs, which include the following songs: “Freak” by Sandy Rivera & Haze, “Under the Sheets” by Maceo Plex, and “Stay High Baby” by Maceo Plex, and Nicolas Jaar “I Got a Woman.”

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