Deep House | George Fitzgerald’s ‘Child’ EP

Deep House is of course my favorite sub-genre within the awesomeness of house, and I always end up hearing some of my favorite tracks in mixes I download and find on soundcloud. But the problem is, I don’t always have an ID for the track. I just know it when I hear it, I get lost in the groove, and then I forget to track it down. Yeah, it happens.

Actually, I’ve gotten a little better at tracking down tracks or at least making the mental note to get the job done. But one track that slipped my mind (because it was so good and I got distracted each time I heard it) is George Fitzgerald’s bangin’ deep house hit, “Child.”  

Is it a new track? Nope. It’s five months old, but it  still gets better each time I hear it. There is just something about the way that track progresses and how the bass continues to pulsate. It’s just a striking track that is simply deep, yet really good. Oh, and that isn’t the only track worth checking out. The entire Child EP from George Fitzgerald is an absolute gem.

Peep the tracks below. “Unilateral” is my second favorite from the EP, but be sure to listen to “Child” a few times on repeat. Trust me, it’s deep house goodness.

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