As of late I’ve been going through this entire process of figuring out life, especially considering I graduate in a few weeks. The only reason I moved to Denver is because I live with my parents, and so I’m like really anxious to save up money and go somewhere else; make my own path and find my own “home.”

So in the midst of everything I’m going through and in the process of realizing I have the power to start my own business offering my writing services, I ended up writing this poem about all the rejections writers face. We all get them. Some hurt, some help. I know I’ve had my fair share of high acclaim, as well as horrible rejection that makes you want to crawl up into a ball and shed tears.

But the good + bad have formulated a bold confidence in my work, my writing style, and my personality. I realized that even though the rejections can make you feel inadequate, you have to realize your worth and let the pain propel you to write even more.


Abyss of letters,
ink patiently fading away
as pounding tears shred the words to bits

Adequate words,
truths you were never the one
We chose someone else,
anecdotes for “failure”

Pain boiling in your soul,
tormenting fragments of words
dripping with blood
Simmering visions of defeat
enticing the dreams,
a land once polluted with happiness

You’re only a page away from truth,
heartbeat lying within your pen
is an “adequate” a pulse.

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