RainShine House

A Roof Over Your Head

I just switched to a different hotel today. The past three weeks I’ve been in living in a hotel since moving back to Colorado, and hopefully by the end of this month or early December we (my parents + me) will move into an apartment. But right now it’s cheaper to save up the money we’ve got coming in and the hotel is pretty affordable, about the same cost of rent here except without having to pay all the utilities and first months + security deposit to move into a place. 

All this transitioning and watching a lot of HGTV has made me daydream about getting situated and what it would be like to one day actually own a house. Moving around from place to place is something I do a lot, but maybe one day I’d actually find a place to call home and have the money to build that custom dream house.

It would be nice to think that you can easily just build a dream home, but in my daydream of building the perfect house, I never actually wonder about the building process. What all goes into making that dream house? It’s more than just a blueprint  you’ve got to have an idea for the design, the materials, and the contractors you’ll entrust with crafting you dream home.

Well if I ever had to make that house a reality, I’d have two requirements: a pool and a nice roof. Of course who doesn’t want a  lovely pool in their background, but how about a roof? Everyone needs a roof over their head and it doesn’t have to be a boring cookie-cutter roof.

There are so many different styles to pick from, and if you’re in the state of Illinois, you’ll probably want to make sure that roof is wind resistant. And if wind is not your concern, then in general, you’ll need to find contractors that can get the job done for an affordable cost. Well then, you should check out Benefit Roofing.  Click the following link to find out more info: http://www.benefitroofing.com/

From shingle roofs, cedar shake roofs, and so much more. Benefit Roofing has got your covered! And trust me, they are quite affordable. So if you live in the Chicago or Illinois region, and are in search of a “roof over your head” then check the out and see what they’ve got to offer.



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