Double Latte Books: Affordable Book Formatting Directly for CreateSpace & Kindle

Curious about publishing your own book?
Or perhaps you’ve attempted publishing with CreateSpace and Kindle, but to no avail, your efforts were halted by formatting issues.

Well if either of those questions are concerns you’ve experienced, then fret not, the solution is here.

Double Latte Books

Founded by Janie & Ramon McGee, Double Latte Books is an affordable publishing company that has not only self-published 14 titles via CreateSpace & Kindle, but they have effortlessly aided other authors and creative folks in their pursuit of publishing their works.

CreateSpace is an amazing self-publishing print on-demand service that has revolutionized the market. However, for those who are new to book publishing and e-books, the formatting involved can become a headache. Well, leave your worries behind, and let Double Latte Books deal with the “hassle” for you. 

With affordable rates and exceptional customer service, Double Latte Books will format your books with a guarantee of them being approved by CreateSpace for publishing. Not only will Double Latte Books make the formatting a breeze, but they will also help with cover design for Kindle and paperback books.

Oh, and the advice they provide is award-winning, and free. Suggestions for ways to make your book even more marketable are a service they provide without an extra charge; Double Latte Books wants you to be successful and have your works reach the masses!

So if you’re in need in some affordable book formatting, then Double Latte Books is your solution. Rates starting as low as $100 for an 80-150 page book. They will assist you in starting a CreateSpace account, setting up your book for Kindle, and aiding you in retrieving your ISBN. Trust me, Double Latte Books has got you covered.

Do you need editing and proofreading? Well then, they got you’ve covered as well. For additional cost, Ramon McGee, who has a BS from Princeton in Literature, will edit your book. He has years of professional experience, so you’re surely getting the best of the best!

Additional Services:

And for those who are interested in publishing their MP3/Audio CDs on CreateSpace, Double Latte Books can help you with that as well.

Janie has already released two CDs via CreateSpace and you can buy them on Amazon.com.

For more information, contact Janie McGee at doublelattebooks@live.com

P.S. If you’re in the need of Illustrations, cover designs, and artwork, then you’ll also want to check out Little Liza Jane and the amazing artwork of Janie McGee.

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